i remember whispering ‘stay’ that night.
i knew you couldn’t hear me, but i felt like you could feel me breaking.
it was like when you said that sometimes you can feel me hugging you.
so i thought if i screamed ‘stay’ you would feel it in your bones.
and it would shatter you like you shattered me.
so that night i screamed through a dry throat and puffy eyes for you to stay.
i guess you didn’t hear me.
e.l  (via sunficwer)
i’ve always loved the rain. when it’s summer and it’s warm and the sky is dark with clouds it’s so beautiful. as if the sky has survived this treacherous battle and through it remained [happy] and sunny for us all. but in the end, when the battle’s done we just have to cry a little. that’s how we know this world still works. cry. just like the sky.
e.e [it’s raining right now]
i once compared myself to a Lego on a bedroom floor. i was played with, used, and then forgotten about. i’ve been walked over many times and sometimes even stepped on. but if i was on your bedroom floor it would be a different story. if i was one lone Lego on your bedroom floor i know you’d pick me up the very first time you notice i’ve fallen down and been left behind. you love Legos and always have. you’d have some fun with me for a while and when the time came, you’d gently put me back in the tote. back where i belong. i guess it would have been worse for you to have never noticed me at all than to have played with me and carefully sent me away again. but it wasn’t carefully. not at all
e.e [i love that you still play Legos]
you worked so dang hard to light this fire in my heart but the moment i was finally engulfed you poured some water on me. not enough to put out that fire but enough that it was no longer strong enough to burn anything but my own bones
e.e [sometimes my brain is just too scrambled]